The big day is almost here!  You're going to be "talent" on a set.  No need to stress out, it's prety straight forward.  One of the most frequent questions I get prior to a shoot is "what should we tell people to wear?"  Most of the people we work with are not professional talent, and we want them to be comfortable.  If they feel uncomfortable they won't give their best performance.  But there are a few best practices to follow.


Sometimes the budget allows for hair and make up, but frequently with "non professional" talent that can be a little off putting.  It's already a situation where they're not totally comfortable and getting makeup when they don't usually wear it or being fussed with can hurt their delivery.  Plan to come ready to be filmed as you are.  Make sure you look nice, but are also comfortable.


Someone wearing a suit, who normally wears just a button up shirt, will feel uncomfortable and that will come through on camera.  People should wear what they'd normally wear to a meeting with their boss.  Something nice, but comfortable.

Avoid tight patterns.  Big bold patterns are okay, but solid colors are better.  Small patterns can cause what's called Moire.  Cameras have a lot of resolving power, but tight patterns can wreak havoc especially for video where there's some motion to the shot.  Stick with solid colors, and avoid patterns.

For guys that usually means solid color shirts and sometimes ties.  Try to avoid wearing solid white.  A cream or solid color shirt will work better because it will have some color there.  If you love your white shirt, it can work depending on the background, but if you're going with white wear something over it (suit jacket, sweater, etc).  

For women, something similar works well.  Solid color with something on top with a solid color skirt or pants.  Again, avoiding white is ideal so that there's some depth to the outfit.

If you have a really light skin tone, don't wear a black shirt.  We'll adjust our exposure to what's best for your skin exposure.  Black can lose all detail if we bring down our exposure for your skin.  Similarly, if you have really dark skin tone, don't wear a white shirt.  It will glow when we expose for your skin.

One last thing to consider... you're probably sitting for your interview.  Wear well fitting clothes that aren't too baggy or wrinkled.  If your favorite jacket tends to push up in the back when you sit with it on, try something else or at least bring a backup option.


Less is more in the jewelry department.  Why?  Because of audio.  Big necklaces can bump the lav mic if you're wearing one and lead to retakes.  Lots of bracelets on your wrist will bang and clank if you put your arm on a table or speak with your hands.


As we said above, sometimes there is hair and makeup, typically there is not.  For women, this means they're doing their own makeup.  It's important that their makeup reflect what they'd normally do, but not be over the top.  You want to keep with tones that complement your skin and what you're wearing.  Avoid dark colors, smoky eyes, etc.  The camera will accentuate those and we want you to look your best.

For guys, make sure any facial hair is well groomed.  We capture everything in 4k so clean looks always appear best on camera.  We may ask you to pat down a forehead or cheeks, or maybe even add a little foundatoin to help.  That will give you more even skin tones and add to the final piece.


In a business environment big logos are branding aren't really an issue typically.  But if you wear your favorite team's hat every day or love supporting Nike, that's great.  Maybe try something different for the shoot.  If you really want to wear something, just remember that the video isn't about that brand, it's about your company.

If you love having your employees wear shirts emblazoned with your logo, those are okay.  But try to keep it subtle.  You want the video to be about the story, not the logo.


We want you to be comfortable on camera so you give the best performance.  That is most important.  Don't over think things too much, and if you are... bring a backup outfit along.