It's a battle!  More mild curiosity.  A little over a year ago we needed to swap a computer.  We had an iMac that had been a work horse but just wasn't cutting it.  And we were left with a tough couple decisions.  Mac vs PC, iMac vs Mac Pro vs MacBook Pro.  Waiting it out vs buying something. 

Mac vs PC

Since this was going to be my main work station, I can answer the first one easily... Mac.  As much as I want to try a PC out, I've been using Mac OS since like 1998 and I'm not ready to switch.  I just know the Mac world way better than the PC and when a client emails me they need a change I want to be able to turn it around, not be learning a new OS.

Waiting vs Buying

A long time ago someone said to me "you can't buy that camera, a new one is about to come out!!!!"  I said "oh, did they announce something?"  And the person said "no, but there has to be a new one coming."  I held off a week and then thought about it again and was doing some research and came upon someone saying something along these lines... "you can't capture content while you wait for a new camera".  That struck home.  I could wait all year for a new piece of gear, but in the mean time I'd miss capturing other stuff.  I bought the camera and it took 8 months for the "new camera".  In the mean time the one I bought had paid for itself.

Similarly with Mac gear.  I won't buy a new iPhone right before the fall announcements, but in general there's always going to be something new on the horizon.  When I was making my decision the iMac "Pro" and "redesigned" Mac Pro were rumored to be out.  But I can't make decisions on rumors.  From the time I bought a computer, the iMac Pro took over a year to actually get into hands (and then is ridiculously priced) and the new Mac Pro is still just an announcement with no ship date in sight.

iMac vs Mac Pro vs MacBook Pro

This is the real crux of the decision at hand.  I went Mac Pro.  I'm not even sure why, but so far I like it.  We went with a 6-core processor, knowing down the line we'd do an after market processor upgrade to the 12-core, 64 GB of RAM (from MacSales.com), 500 GB SSD, and D700 video card.  It's been speedy, despite being "old parts".  It's worked really well for us as long as we've had it.  And when something new comes up, we will have options.


Which brings me to our next blog post... we needed options.  Recently we needed a more mobile solution and went with a MacBook Pro.  I'll put them "head to head" in my not so analytical, much more real world test.