It’s time that I put this down on paper for all to see. We don’t need clients, we want partners. I know that sounds weird to some people, but it’s true. Photo and video can be seen more as commodities than creative endeavors. There are lots of production companies who are happy to cash the checks and just churn out the projects. That’s just not us.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will be a collaborative partner for your project in every way. We will speak up when we think something could work a little better one way versus the other but we know there are larger forces at play. You can expect us to be available for you. We may not be able to call back immediately when we’re in another meeting, but we’ll get back to you ASAP and we will always be available to answer questions or bounce ideas off of. We understand that projects are fluid and sometimes timelines change, we can be flexible.

What We Expect From You

Every few years we do a project and at some point, someone says… “Shut up and do the work!” In fact that was a quote from one email I received. It’s not that we’re difficult to work with, we’re definitely not. It’s that we care very deeply for what we do. We are open with our clients and share ideas or tweaks to things that we think will help the overall project. If you don’t like the idea, we don’t push, we just expect you to listen and collaborate. But just know, and hopefully appreciate, that we’ll always be working to deliver the best end result for your project.

This Two Way Street

In the end it’s a give and take. We want you to feel comfortable and understood and we want to feel respected and like our opinion is valued. This isn’t a paycheck for us. It’s about telling great visual stories and creating work we are all proud of. One time a lawyer told me I should “be happy that a project is being dropped on my doorstep.” If that’s how you feel about your projects, kindly pick them back up and bring them to another doorstep. We’re here to partner with the people we work with, for everyone’s mutual gain.