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Is Vero the Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Killer?

Is Vero the Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Killer?

By now you've seen the name Vero in one form or another.  The past week has seen instagram feeds fill with "follow me on Vero" posts.  So is it the killer they tout it to be?  Maybe.  We'll take a look at a couple of the key features that differentiate it and the main ways it falls short.

Signing Up


First, if you want to sign up for Vero... good luck.  Their servers clearly were not built for the amount of traffic they're currently getting.  When I signed up last week it took almost 12 hours to get a code texted to me.  When I went to sign in this morning, it couldn't connect to the server for almost an hour.  When I finally did connect I had to re-send the post I tried to make 5 times before (I think) it went through.  It's the growing pains of a new social network that suddenly got hit hard.  If you want to try it out, just have some patience.

The People

While you've undoubtedly seen people asking for you to follow them, there's not really a lot of people on there yet.  That's literally changing by the hour.  I've been getting a few notifications an hour this morning about new people joining.  Until you get some more people on there sharing, it's a little sparse.  But that also offers opportunity if you're looking to grow quickly.  Some quality posting will help that going.

The Experience


Outside of the server issues, the experience is interesting.  It feels much more 2018 design than most other social networks, which is to be expected.  But along those same lines it feels over designed in a very 2018 way.  There's a slider for who your posts get to, that WILL be a problem.  It's easy to accidentally share something with more people than you anticipated.  But it's an interesting way to set up sharing.  You can have people follow you, or set them as an acquaintance, friend, close friend, etc.  It's a nice way to keep a big network but limit who sees what.

Posting music / links / movies is interesting.  It pulls up graphics already in their system and does an overlay of your comment as well if you're watching it or recommending it or whatever else.  It's the same thing people do with Instagram, but it takes out the user photos.  I don't know if that is a pro or a con.  It's much cleaner looking but it takes out a little personality.

A Killer

So is it a killer?  Who knows.  That's not really helpful but there's not enough people on their yet.  That's where it's a little weird.  Facebook, twitter, instagram all grew organically.  I got on FB and Twitter early and I loved it and became an evangelist for it.  Vero seems like it's growing exponentially just because people don't want to be left out.  So it's tough to know if it will last or just be a flash in the pan.  They're claiming no ads, no algorithm, a better experience.  But until it reaches critical mass it's difficult to know if they'll follow through on their promises.