We are a storytelling production collective that focuses on what drives the passion of the viewer.  We’ve created film for brands & agencies like Coca-Cola, Nabisco, P&G, McDonald’s, LIDS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Momentum Worldwide, HAVI, The Marketing Store, & CD One Price Cleaners.

We pride ourselves on being like an extension of your own company.  Not every business can afford to have video services in house, but with us on your side, it’s as if you do. We handle all aspects of filmmaking from preproduction and scripting through production and post.


We will collaborate with your internal team to work on a script and shot list. This will be a fun, behind the music sort of video talking about last year’s rap performance and how it went to everyone’s heads. We will film for a half day at Isopure’s offices in Downers Grove and assemble a 3-4 minute edit of the final video.


  • Create a splash at the yearly commercial meeting.

  • Play off of last year’s rap performance and continue that fun vibe.

  • Engage the audience prior to Jonathan’s presentation.


Here are a few examples of work we’ve done that fits in line with what we envision for this project.

Our Reel

Our Sports Nutrition Reel

Client filming / interviews


  • Half day of filming the week of May 13

  • One week of production before first look.

  • One week of revisions, depending on client timing.

  • Meeting this is for is in mid June

Final Deliverables

  • We’ll deliver a presentation ready video as a high resolution MOV as well as presentation ready MP4 and WMV.



Hopefully you love our ideas and are ready to get started with the project. That always leads to the question… what’s next? First, let us know you’re ready to start. We’ll send over a contract, and if you can check with your accounting department and see if there’s anything we need to fill out to get started that’d be great.

The most complicated portion of the project will be coordinating schedules for filming, as well as prepping scripts / shot list prior to the shoot so that we can get everything accomplished in a half day shoot. Once you have 2-3 dates that work for that, let me know what those are and we can get a time that works for everyone. Then we’re good to film and get a timeline together for the project.