We are a storytelling production collective that focuses on what drives the passion of the viewer.  We’ve created film for brands & agencies like Coca-Cola, Nabisco, P&G, McDonald’s, LIDS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Momentum Worldwide, HAVI, The Marketing Store, & CD One Price Cleaners.

We pride ourselves on being like an extension of your own company.  Not every business can afford to have video services in house, but with us on your side, it’s as if you do. We handle all aspects of filmmaking from preproduction and scripting through production and post.


Working with non-professional talent is our expertise. These aren’t people just reciting lines they’ve rehearsed, they’re telling their story and we can help facilitate that. We keep our team and setup small, while still capturing quality footage. This helps keep the talent at ease. And we have a conversation with them. We’ll work from a rough outline of what we think the story will be and what works best for the story Paylocity wants to tell, and we will craft questions that will get answers to tell that story. But we also allow them to explore other topics. Sometimes the best moments come from a follow up question we didn’t even know to ask until we talked to the people.

We will work with the internal team at Paylocity to create a rough outline around the story for each client or broker. From there we will travel to their location and film with them for a half day. Capturing an interview as well as b-roll of them in their office and using the Paylocity software. From what we capture, we’ll create a 2-3 minute video that tells the story in a compelling way.


  • Tell the client’s story about how Paylocity has helped them in their day to day jobs.

  • Showcase Paylocity and it’s applications to potential new clients.

  • Create a template for how to approach these videos so they can be replicated for more case studies in the future.




Our Reel

Customer as Co-Creator Video

Client Conference Recap - Created same day

20th Anniversary Video


Next Steps

Next Steps


We know these are videos you want out as soon as we can. Without knowing exact dates, here is a rough timeline for how a project like this usually goes…

  • Half day of filming.

  • One week of production before first look.

  • One week of revisions, depending on client timing.

  • A day or two to finalize the color, audio, and graphics.

Final Deliverables

  • We’ll deliver a 2-3 minute, or so, video as a high resolution MOV as well as web ready MP4.


(per 2-3 minute video)

  • Pre-production - $300

  • Production - $2,050

  • Post Production - $2,250

  • Project Costs - $250

  • TOTAL - $4,850

  • Detailed estimate below.

LET’s Do It! What next…

Hopefully you love our ideas and are ready to get started with the project. That always leads to the question… what’s next? First, let us know you’re ready to start. That way we can start looking at timing. The most complicated portion of the project will be coordinating schedules for filming. Once you have 2-3 dates that work for the subject of the video, let me know what those are and we can get a time that works for everyone. Then we’ll get a timeline together and the process for each step along the way.